facility-management department

This department sees to the general cleaning, maintenance and decoration of the worship facility. They endeavour to maintain a clean environment for worship and also promote aesthetic excellence. The mission of the department is to promote aesthetic excellence in the worship of God.


Special functions and responsibilities of the department include:

1. General cleaning.
– Cleaning of the floors – sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, polishing as the need arises.
– High dusting.
– Cleaning the windows and doors.
– Cleaning of the conveniences.
– Standing by during service to ensure the proper use and cleaning of the conveniences.
– Taking an inventory of the facility weekly.
– Reporting needed repairs or replacements to the appropriate quarters immediately, that is to the supervising pastor.
– Emptying and cleaning the dustbins.
– Keeping the grasses in the premises low.
– Ensuring that the air in the auditorium and conveniences are kept fresh before and during services.
– Cleaning and arranging the seats properly in the auditorium and various rooms as required.

2. General maintenance (electrical, plumbing, civil works, landscaping, fumigation, etc).

3. Decoration – Ensuring that decorations are put up and changed as and at when due.
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